Radically Faithful Birth.

in 2019, with my first freebirth babe,
between pregnancy #4 & living child #4
I'm Karyn, and if you are pregnant, or even contemplating the pattern of your next childbearing cycle, I'd love to receive an opportunity to talk with you! If your being whispers the truth that there is more to receive within the pregnancy and childbirth journey than we've been taught to believe, I'm with you. 
If there’s anything I want to be accused of by others, it’s being fiercely loyal to the integrity of The Word and too trusting of His trustworthiness.

The Word has given me the beautiful vocation of "mother". This work has established and strengthened my own faith, to the effect that I desire to render support and fortify your faith as you seek Him as your own Instructor, Protector and Care Provider. The kind of witness is not a manager but a sage, or traditional birthkeeper. 

YHVH alone Delivers. You have everything you need.

Serving Richmond, VA and surrounding area


Medical disclaimer: I am not a medical provider. I do not offer medical advice, treatment, assessment, or testing. I currently hold no licenses or certificates relating to my work with women. If you are seeking medical care and authority, please look for a provider who better aligns with you.