As a Word nerd (or ruminant*) I tend to dig, and often find interesting matter at the roots of things that are of a suspect nature. Words often hold mysteries and stories, answers to questions that we may not have asked. Seek integritytest all things. As long as we believe we are subject to the constructs, ideas, and ill-gained knowledge of the earth, we remain that way.

{*The Word was recently making clear the distinction which made sheep a "clean" animal, and a pig an "unclean" animal. The consumption and digestion. A sheep receives living, growing food, discerning enough to determine between toxic and true. Thereafter, the digestive system works for quite some time to "ruminate", giving them the ability to render even more nutrition from what they've eaten. This is how The Word is received and rendered within His Sheep. A pig will consume anything, dead or alive, and the digestive system *cannot detoxify* which is why pork carries parasites and other pathogens within its meat. Not only do they lack discretion and discernment in their consuming, but they cannot purge what is poison. This is how one without The Word consumes knowledge and what is said by the unbelieving world and is unable to distinguish between substance and riffraff.}

The word obstetric, for example, is of the same root as “obstruct” and “obstacle”, literally “one who stands opposite” (in opposition?).

I am fascinated that Hippocrates (who was a therapeutae of Aesclepius) name means “swift horse”, since this prophecy in Isaiah is speaking directly to those who choose idolatry (from eidolon/eidos) as a way out of trouble:
“and you said, “No, for we flee upon horses,” therefore you flee! And, “We ride on swift horses,” therefore those who pursue you are swift!” Yeshayah (Isaiah)‬ ‭30‬:‭16‬ ‭TS2009‬‬
The psychology of trauma does not take into account the profession or education behind the exposing and penetration of the body, and therefore each physical violation by these experts is counted as “assault” in the body and mind, despite our reasoning, which might make excuses. In addition, I’ve spoken to friends who spoke, or cried vehemently against such force (lying on the table with strangers' hands inside of their vagina) and were ignored. This is rape. In the case of cesarean section, to separate a person from her soundness of mind, to manually open her flesh with blades--it is a fearsome reality that a woman can have a baby cut out of her body without a single emotional response, not even being able to witness her own offspring's birth.

“Those who pursue you are swift”…does this make you think of the emotional response to trauma, “fight, flight or freeze”? The issue is that this response does not end when the violation ends…it remains in the body until healed by The Word.

This abuse can only continue as long as we remain unbelieving that The Word will deliver us Himself, and that His Word is complete and lacks nothing. It is fear that drives our culture to depend upon "science" and devices for deliverance. We bought a lie that He is untrustworthy and incompetent. Without this fear, the insufficiency, intervention and trauma responses brought on by this flawed and incomplete system, our bodies and minds may remain at complete shalom and Our Father, Who Art In Heaven, could deliver us His Way.

Bold but true: There is no way a birth can be physiologically and hormonally sound when the body and mind are responding to sexual assault, exploitation and exposure. The complexity of pregnancy, labor and birth cannot be hijacked by continuous suspicion and doubt, without negative effects. The mind is inextricable from the body, the body is inextricable from the spirit...If we are "needing" intervention, it is wise to extract the deeper truth behind the complication.

Aesclepius. The "god" whose symbol we receive "medical help" under. Click photo below for his birth story:

His name comes from the "myth" of how he came into the world. The snippets in Genesis 6 and Jude v 6 provide a hint as to where the ancients got their "mythology". These may not necessarily be tall tales. The "gods" are the same ones who YHVH refers to as "mighty ones", those who did have power but only earthly, and therefore limited. I think we've come to a false conclusion that idols were mere statues, but in reality, there was the power of the demonic rendering "help", or as mentioned in the "New Testament", false signs and wonders. The ancient Egyptian sorcerers who opposed Moses (Jannes and Jambres) were also known as "physicians", and likely wrote many of the original medical/surgical texts that begot the Greek philosophies for "healing". These could do signs and wonders, to a point. However, since their power came from a lower source, they could not continue or counter the Word of YHVH. Aesclepius was the "god" that the ancient Greeks worshiped for healing. His temples were known for keeping serpents, and the sick would sleep there in hopes that a dream would reveal the cause of their disease and the method to apply for "healing". The priests performed various rituals and applied medicines according to the dreams (see Jude again). If someone was healed by these dark arts, then Aesclepius got the credit. Here's a link to the very obvious connection between the Western Medical philosophy and this demonic religion.

But what recently got me was the name Aesclepius: it means "to cut open". He is said to have been born by what we now call cesarean section. Is it any wonder that the model that follows his legacy has continued down a road which defies the pure and perfect deliverance of YHVH of a living being from a womb? Gut flora populations prove the soundness of the way in which Yah has already chosen to deliver a human being.

These ancient "gods" are also known as demons, in 1 Corinthians 10. Blood sacrifice, or the cutting of the flesh (Leviticus 19:28) were not after the pattern of YHVH but of demonic origins. Are we surprised that this method of extraction has become altogether commonplace as faith has been replaced by fear? Are we surprised that "physiological birth" has been effectively destroyed by those who *by name* obstruct? (According to The Word--a name is identity! What else can we learn from the names under which we ask deliverance?!) If our generation is absolutely clueless as to how sensitive the process is to interruption, can we expect the process and outcome to follow the command of The Word? Can we become familiar again with true wisdom, that unadulterated and pure, perfect and whole counsel from The Word?

If a two year old is insisting that they tie their own shoes, refusing to remove their hands despite their lack of skill, dexterity and knowledge, how can a mother help? Isn't this so much like we, in our determination to figure out birth despite our complete ignorance and inability to see what is happening?

Before we align ourselves to the Western philosophy by believing someone who doubts that Yah is capable of delivering us of the very human He planted within, let us consider the source of our knowledge, and do not doubt the Source of our Life.

But wait...there is hope. If we have already believed in what is false, then let us turn and receive mercy!

And I said, “My strength and my expectancy Have perished from יהוה.”
Remember my affliction and my anguish, The wormwood and the gall.
Your being indeed remembers And bows down upon me.
This I recall to my mind, therefore I wait:
The loving-commitments of יהוה! For we have not been consumed, For His compassions have not ended.
They are new every morning, Great is Your trustworthiness.
“יהוה is my Portion,” says my being, “Therefore I wait for Him!”
יהוה is good to those waiting for Him, To the being who seeks Him.
It is good – both to wait and to be silent, For the deliverance of יהוה.
...Let us search and examine our ways, And turn back to יהוה.
Let us lift our hearts and hands To Ěl in the heavens and say:
"We, we have transgressed and rebelled."
Lamentations 3:18-26, 40-42