Outsource or Integral-Source

 I'm not here to tell anyone that "you have everything you need inside of yourself". That is so far from true, but so often said in the birth community!

We don't. We need plenty of help, and wisdom. 

What is true though, is that we have One Source of all that we need now, all we will ever need: Abba.

I've been contemplating the way that we have been trained as a culture to outsource everything...we don't want to take responsibility for anything difficult. Priorities have become so confused, so that we are told to spend time and attention on almost anything, but what has value.

Outsourcing things like your health, your childrens' learning, and the food that you eat are all based on the lie that either you are incompetent, or your time is better spent doing something else. 

As we get to know the Source of all that we need, we begin to see patterns of personal involvement in our life, our well-being, our nourishment that completely reveals the source of this disintegration--its not from our Father. The Word teaches in His patterns, they are always and forever true.

As I pay a corporation to prepare my food, what goes missing in the process is the very life-giving substance that I need. This leads to another form of outsourcing--asking assistance when my health is displaying my lack of consideration and attention. As I expect a teacher to fill up my child with knowledge by education, I witness the separation of my family and, though easier, I (and they) don't receive the multitude of benefits embedded in living life as a unit, which is how The Father, The Spirit and The Son are One. They benefit the world as a unit. Not the same as One another, but working together as a single force. (By the way, training is very different from education, and how we treat our child's learning capacity reveals how we believe our Father to teach--either personally or impersonally).

I believe this culture of disconnecting from the work in order to do what we would prefer, has stolen much more than we realize. Because opting out of our integral responsibility as mothers is so normal, when we do submit to it, we praise ourselves for "wearing so many hats". A woman is MADE to meet so many needs--not that it isn't overwhelming or hard, but so many of those "positions" only exist because mothers are side-stepping responsibility. What is honorable is often difficult,  and also mocked simply because the majority does not like the sense of disappointment that comes with rejecting what they know is good. 

As I witnessed the many "world breastfeeding week" photos, the hunger for affirming what is our integral responsibility as our family's nourisher was very obvious. We want recognition if we do what is right. I think we know what Yeshua says about that... you've already received your reward! It is His evident integral design, and it is simple, ordinary faithfulness (those "small things"!) to follow it. 

Does he thank the servant because he did what he was told? So you also, when you have done everything commanded of you, should say, ‘We are unworthy servants; we have only done our duty.’ Luke 17:9-10

Faithfulness isn't generally glamorous. Check out that stake of our Messiah. 

Faithfulness does however, empower us to receive responsibility--doing what is good and right, regardless of what culture does.  We may receive from One Source all the finances, the food, the energy, the mental clarity, the time...to choose what is excellent for every part of life. By His Grace, sharing the yoke with the Messiah, we know that we'll have all that we need...not within ourselves, but as a benefit of our trust in Yah.

For centuries, women have chased a leisurely existence excluding labor. It's evident in our numbing out of childbirth, sending our children away,  buying all of our food premade, and expecting that setting appointments for our prenatal care while trusting our (human) doctor and his lab test results, is all that is required to "get a good outcome". 

What if I told you that cultivating what is good is more richly satisfying, and far more beneficial than any "outsourced" prenatal care you can buy?

By expecting others to manage our health and pregnancy for us, we forfeit the very faith that pregnancy is designed to cultivate. 

Society's process of training a pregnant woman to believe her pregnancy must be managed by a "professional" often ends in such ridiculous practices as slicing a perineum, screwing a tool into an unborn infant's head, attaching a vacuum or trying to yank a head with set of glorified tongs, babies instantly separated and injected, poked and treated violently...and parents do not see an issue because all along, they have separated themselves, outsourcing the entire process to "the professionals".

These women and babies suffer trauma, some irreversible wounds, and it's done in another name...not the name of YHVH but the name of Aesclepius (who, as I've mentioned before, was the origin of surgical extraction). Violence and shedding innocent blood is not Yah's delight.

But I digress! The truth that I intend to convey is that we must stop believing that these gifts are burdens. As we mothers extract ourselves from responsibly nourishing our bodies, minds and spirits according to the Word (what is true, good, complete), we engage in a system. This system is designed to separate you and your baby from your Creator, from Truth. This means that despite how "easy" it looks to just show up for appointments and do what they say, in the end it is an incredible heist of your dignity and honor.

Just wanted you to know, Mama. You don't have to spread your legs for anyone but your emerging baby. You don't have to drink a toxic sludge of dye and sugar. You don't have to get a single scan or blood draw. 

You can simply receive what is Good, Always Good-- Your Father's caregiving.